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torsdag 19 april 2018

Veckans skiss #194

Jag är med i CSI challenge för att dokumentera mitt hem, och passade på att följa skissen från "Veckans Skiss" se länk. 

Så här blev min LO till slut (och i förra inlägget har jag skrivit om CSI challenge som jag tävlar i, mest för att få inspiration). Det är en perfekt kombo med CSI challenge och Veckans skiss!

Jag har satsat på mycket dokumentation, för jag ska fylla på med fler hem-historier i ett album. 

Här är skissen som jag följt:

Två närbilder:

Tack för titten!

Gunilla R
(gunilla_pysslar på instagram)

CSI no 252

What a perfect timing! I have just started to document the history of my different homes, and then this challenge from CSI came in with the perfect inspiration for me. See the link. 
Here is my LO:

and here is the inspiration picture:

I followed the old style challenge with the different "glues".

The colors: almost all colors.
Evidence: stripes, dots, text pattern, washi tape, metal, hearts
Testimony: doocumentation about my home

Some closer views:

Washi tape, metal, heart, dots (I love the metal "tape thing")

heart, text pattern, dots, stripes

Finally the testimony about my home I grow up in:

The documentation is about what I feel most as my home, and that's where I grew up from 4 years age until I was19 years old , where my mother and father still lives. I told about the reason why I feel this as my home, the security feeling because our parents allways took care of us, and helped us when we had problems. I also told about that we came back to our home also when we moved away to new homes like the student apartment, how nice it was to come home in the weekends and feel safe and eat good food. And then when I got children I came back with them to my old home so they could get the same feeling that I grew up with. 

Thanks for watching! 
(gunilla_pysslar on instagram)

torsdag 5 april 2018

CSI challenge #251

Hi, here is a LO about when my son got his driving license and bought his dream car (not new, but really nice). I thought that all clouds could represent his dream about a white BMW and the driving license.  I was inspirated from CSI challenge nr 251 (see link).

And here is the inspiration picture.

I love to follow the traditional way of CSI challenge, so this is the clues: 

All colors
Evidence: clouds, other animals, flower, fabric, word stamp
Testimony: text on LO and answer a random question

Here some closer views of my evidences:

Animal, cloud, fabric, flower

Animals, cloud, text directly on the LO (testimony).

Love the letters that is almost transparant, "KÖRKORT" is the same as "DRIVING LICENSE".

My favorite: a cute cloud in plastic that I got as a gift from the webshop "Sirap-i-Paris".

More fabric (flower) below.
Testimony:Text directly on the LO, handwritten: I have answered the question 81 from the "Prompt idea" to choose a random question: "Which car do you have" and I have documented by hand: "The dream of a white BMW got true!"

Thanks for watching!

Welcome to my instagram : gunilla_pysslar


Material from: "Sirapiparis": paper is from studio callico, Old stash (fabric) the dog is from my childhood, paper decorations are from the food store in Sweden called "ICA Maxi"

onsdag 4 april 2018

Veckans Skiss #192

Jag håller på med en massa LO till mitt PL-album, och strävar efter att få med mycket dokumentation. Här har jag följt Veckans Skiss 192 (se länk). 

Så här blev min LO:

Så här ser skissen ut och på min LO har jag "smetat" ut skissen lite (för att få plats med så mycket som möjligt från min sons 18-årskalas förra året):

Här kommer lite närbilder.

Pynt/papper från Ali Edwards, TGR, Sirap-i-Paris.

Tack för titten och välkomna in på instagram: gunilla_pysslar.

måndag 26 mars 2018

Veckans Skiss #190

Hej, här är en LO till PL-albumet där jag fick hjälp med fantasin tack vare "Veckans Skiss" (se länk). Jag ville dokumentera killarnas födelsedagar i april, förra året, när de blev uppvaktade på sängen. (Skönt att få scrappa igen efter en veckas influensa.)

Så här ser skissen ut från Ciza:

Och här är lite närbilder på pyntet. 

Die-cuts pyntet är från ICA-maxi (köpte förra året tror jag). 

Älskar washitejpen från "Sirap i Paris"

Älskar även PL-korten och pappren från "Sirap i Paris"!

Tack för titten! Gunilla (gunilla_pysslar på instagram)

söndag 25 mars 2018

CSI Challenge No 250

A new case for CSI challenge and a new, happy childhood memory!

Here is my LO I created:

And the CSI challenge is linked here, and has this inspiration page:

I followed the old style with following clues:
Colors: all colors but I added yellow
Evidence: sold cardstock, clouds, sun, clock, labels, owl, bird, other animals (ladybirds),  puffy stickers, flowers, hand-drawn element, car, string, tied knot, stamping.

Testimony: A childhood memory

Closer View:
Here above you can see: handwritten flowers, 2 ladybirds (really summer for me), label with the year 1970, a lot of flowers that I cut out from pattern papper. 

Here above you can see a cut owl I got from a friend.

Here above you can see: cloud, bird : puffy stickers, flower, sun

Here above you can see: my handwritten flower, flowers, clock, string, a tied knot (around the clocks upper part).

Here above you can see: some more red details (flowers and ladybird), stamping.

Here above you can see: car (our cousins had that kind of VW bus), a part of my testimony and stamping (remember).

The testimony is a long one about our fantastic summers. My aunt and mother really wanted us and our cousins to meet every summer in my grand parents summer house, and we had a lovely time. The routine to go there every year not just gave us the safe and caring feeling but also a deep friendship to our cousins that still holds. I wrote about what we did together and in the end I told the story about these 2 photos from 1970 (I was 4.5 years old, sitting in blue pyjamas beside my 5 years old coulsine). I remember this so clear, as we were not allowed to be there because it was bed time for us (in north of Sweden it still daylight until 0.00 in the night). We were so happy that nobody has discovered us (not true!!), sitting very quite and listen to my dad, an older cousine and my aunts husband. 

After a while my mother and father started to dance, and I can still hear my grandmother laughing when she is taking these photos. What a clear, happy memory!

(Another puffy heart in the right teal color, binding together the 2 photos). 

Thanks for watching! /Gunilla R (instagram: gunilla_pysslar)

lördag 24 mars 2018

CSI challenge No 249

Hi, time for doing a LO to my Project Life album as a summary of March last year, after CSI Challenge (see link).

I documented my everyday walks I do with my dog in lunch time, a nice paus in a sometimes stressful workday.

I really love to solve the CSI case they old way so I did that, and at the some time I got rid of a lot of embellishments! 

And here is the inspiration  picture:

And I followed these clues:
Colors: all
Evidence:  Woodgrain background (very small), textured paper (the cardstock), wood, banner, woodland animals, triangles, signs, metal, arrows, mushrooms, outdoor items, twigs(tiny) and decorative border
Testimony: outdoor memory

And here are some closer views:

Here you see: textured cardstock, outdoor items, animal, wood background ("my pet"), wood, metal 

Here you see: animal (dragonfly, butterfly, rabbit), sign (real life), wood, outdoor items, border. 

The rabbit is so cute! Here is an owl also and a metal flower.

To get a balance I placed the date for the day in the corner, and you can see a little bird there also. (and arrows).

Finally there are more wood, arrows, metal, signs, animal, tiny twigs and mushrooms.

The text translated: "I like our walks, specially when the spring is here and you can enjoy sun and nature that wakes up! Billy and I. "

Thanks for watching! /Gunilla R